Good News Lent 2021 Feb-March.pdf

Happy Birthday

Joan ReinĂ©                           May 3

Solange Galega-Dada         May 10

Michael Guibor                     May 10

Vivian Rupert                       May 26

Amanda Suchy                     May 27

Happy Anniversary

Al & Betty Richards             May 21

Ken & Patty Adams             May 27

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request, please email the information to the church office. You can also call or email your deacon. Kathee will be on vacation from April 22nd to May 6th. Please notify your deacon if you have any prayer requests during that time.


Prayer Requests

Lord, we hold up to you for healing, recovery, and improved health

Scott Aiken on hospice with inoperable heart condition.

Barbara Ashwood has colitis and needs further testing

Patricia Cochran for continued improved health

Anne Gamble Home recovering after surgery for broken neck vertebra

Bill Hoffman hospitalized again with fungal lung infection. Bone marrow transplant postponed. (H)

Ryan Johnson born 3-13, now in the Neonatal ICU with respiratory problems.

Danny Kinsley Glioblastoma untreatable brain cancer.

Elizabeth McDonough cardiac problems Karen's friend’s mother-in-law, who is in her late 80s.

Brenda Moore is in rehab after injuring her shoulder in a fall. Pamela Wilson's friend

Jesse Rine intense pain from pinched sciatic nerve, suffering significant mobility impairment.

Hal Weisberg who has cancer and had Covid

 Lord, for compassion, strength, guidance and comfort

Tiffany Clark and the Simons Family. Tiffany's extended grandfather is on hospice for covid complications which cause kidneys and liver failure.

Marie Fongwa and extended family after the sad passing of two family members in Cameroon.

Daquan Hooper comfort, strength and fortitude for unnamed difficulties.

Roderick L. Randolph safety, health, strength in his travels and work leading special forces team