Happy Birthday

  • Celestine Epuna   September 1
  • Heidi Gamble   September 4
  • Helen Lum Achuamang   September 5
  • Virginia Elledge   September 6
  • Robert Guibor   September 14

Women of Calvary

Women of Calvary will resume bible study – the Third Monday of each month at 11am in Cowan Hall. Our first gathering will be September 20th. Pamela Wilson has been distributing our study book “Women of the Bible”, and we have plenty!
If you would like to join this study, please let Pamela or Kathee know.

Prayer Requests

If you have a prayer request, please email the information to the church office. You can also call or email your deacon.

Prayer Requests

Lord, we hold up to you for healing, recovery, and improved health

Tom Stage IV liver cancer. Only expected to live 4-6 months. (Hellwig)

Rob Church recovering from ankle surgery - 3 pins inserted. (Hellwig)

Sam Church recovering from surgery to remove noncancerous tumor from his thigh.

Rita Church has a dissecting aortic artery. Waiting for consultation with a cardiologist

Ronni Cooper  hip replacement surgery on July 19th.

John Dye two herniated disks, tear of achilles heal, bone spurs and health concerns.

Jason Gamble flareup of enteritis; trying antibiotics and controlling side effects.

Hannah Gamble Recovering well from ACL surgery on right knee

Teresa Huber awaiting urgent biopsy

Donna Grogan recovering from surgery, pneumonia and clot in one lung (Haag)

Don Harris recovering from bladder & prostate surgery. (Hellwig)

Ellie Herson 15-year-old diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. (Hellwig)

Bill Hoffman successful bone marrow transplant - another 2-3 months recovery. 

Darrel Howard fractured 2 vertebrae in his neck. S. MacDonald’s 93 yr old uncle

Angela Lewis, on chemotherapy for pancreatic tumors (Hellwig)

Bob Parsons awaiting test results and surgery consultation for lung cancer (Hellwig)

Joan Reiné on heart monitor for cardiac atrial-fib problems.

Betty Richards recovering from blood clots in lungs and surgery for two hip fractures

Ted Tanaka starting radiation treatments for prostate cancer on July 13th (Hellwig).



Tysha Harvey comfort and peace after her mother was robbed and killed (Hellwig)

Tom and Cindy difficulty accepting Tom diagnosis of untreatable liver cancer. (Hellwig)